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Dr. David Bates, P.E. – Environmental, Biological, Agricultural & Civil Engineer – Educator, Supporter of Engineering & Other STEP Students and International Consultant

My overall mission and the mission of BOSA Consultants is to create a more educated, efficient & just Society through STEM, Health & Social Science Education and Publication Support, and by supporting
efforts for clean water & sanitation for all through programs such as The International Decade for Action: Water for Life 2005-2015  Face to-Face & Online Educator, Supporter of Biology, Microbiology, Botany, Engineering & Other STEM students. Dr. Bates specializes in biological wastewater treatment systems and alkaline desiccation* of human waste in composting toilets (* chemical disinfection process). http://etd.lsu.edu/docs/available/etd-03312008-000156/

Supporter of International Development projects and program managers. Perform short-term on-site consultancies for water, sanitation, irrigation and other projects. Provide background research on cultural issues that may impact the above technical development programs, using social analysis techniques, including the Human Areas Relations Files (HRAF) and anthropological triangulation techniques.

Dr. Bates founded BOSA Consultants, a consultant group initially formed to provide technical information and assistance to Mexico City water & sewer program managers to rehabilitate their combined sewer/Stormwater tunnels serving 10,000,000 people. Dr. Bates studied at LSU and at the Louisiana Trenchless Technology Center, where he specialized in small & large diameter sewer system investigation and rehabilitation  http://www.latech.edu/tech/engr/ttc/Page 2 

Dr. David Bates, Social Scientist: (Doctorate in Engineering Science, specializing in Cultural Anthropology & Rural Sociology – a multi-disciplinarian approach to solving the worlds technical and social problems in a holistic manner.)

Face-to-Face & Online Educator, Supporter of Social Science* & Other Students (specializing in cultural anthropology/cultural geography & rural sociology)
(See Appendix P in this report for Anthropological Study)

“We study the particular problem – technical or social – alongside the local people (only when receiving a request from them first!), in the local language, incorporating the local culture. Holistic approaches are developed for the community to implement solutions that can be
modified as feedback is gained throughout the life of the project or activity”

Supporter of International Development Water and Sanitation projects, mostly in Latin America

Dr. Bates founded “Basic Services for the Americas, Inc.” a non-profit organization to provide basic services to meet the basic needs of sufficient clean potable water, adequate sanitation and irrigation
infrastructure to provide critical crop water needs.

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